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CST specializes in high pressure and low pressure compressors and accessories for both breathing air and industrial applications.
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Germ Steringa

At CST, service comes first

Compressor Service Techniek stands for quality, durability and service in the field of high and low pressure compressors.
Over the years, CST has built up a prominent reputation based on a great deal of technical knowledge and practical experience.

Quick solutions
Germ Steringa, who has been working in the warehouse since 2012, tells more about his position and the company. “Since 1999, CST has been using the building at Bedrijvenstraat 7-9.
Since then, the company has grown tremendously. The warehouse has a complete inventory of almost every imaginable part that a compressor can hold.
When a customer reports a malfunction, we can solve it quickly and professionally. Because we have such an extensive stock, we can send one of our compressor technicians with the right part so that the installation can start up again as quickly as possible.
If the problem cannot be solved quickly, our technicians install a temporary machine.”

“When a production process comes to a standstill due to a defect in the compressor, we do everything we can to resolve the malfunction as quickly as possible.”

We think along with our customers
One of the services that CST offers is the ‘Easy Care’ rental concept. When a company is looking for a new compressor installation or an addition to the current equipment, the installation can also be rented. Germ Steringa: “Everything can be rented according to the wishes of the customer: we rent out compressors, filling panels, compressed air receivers, buffer cylinders and refrigeration dryers.” Germ says that it is not only the machine that a customer rents, but that CST also provides the inspection and maintenance that the installation needs. Any piping systems are also checked for leaks and/or damage. Maintenance is carried out in accordance with factory specifications and adapted to the environment and user conditions. Germ: “This makes CST a reliable partner and I am proud of that as an employee.”

With a growing customer base and the known scarcity of technical personnel, among other things, CST is constantly looking for technical professionals. Germ is also looking for a new colleague, a challenging position awaits him in the warehouse. ”Do you think it would be a challenge to take on the daily work in the warehouse with me, among other things? Then take a look at our vacancy page on our website and write your application! Who knows, we may soon be colleagues and you will be the link between the mechanics and the sales department.”

”There is a technical position open in the warehouse. In addition, this position offers opportunities for growth into a managerial position.”

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