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CST specializes in high pressure and low pressure compressors and accessories for both breathing air and industrial applications.
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Mechanic Jeroen speaking

We would like to introduce our colleague Jeroen to you! Jeroen has been working at CST for six months as a service technician and is happy to tell you more about his position and findings within the company.

Continue to grow
Jeroen: “It was a great next step for me in my technical career to start working at Compressor Service Techniek. I worked as a car mechanic for about 15 years and wanted to develop myself further within technology. In recent months I have worked both in the workshop and with fellow mechanics. CST has a wide range of clients, which makes the work very interesting. One day you are laying a pipe network at an industrial company and the next day you are at a fire station performing air tests.”

Internal courses
Compressor Service Techniek offers training courses for anyone who works with compressed air installations. Our own employees also participate in these training courses. Jeroen has now attended a number of courses and now knows how to use this knowledge with our customers. “Compressor technology involves a lot. We are specialized in both high and low pressure compressors so it is important to work properly. I am in regular contact with my colleagues so that we can share our knowledge with each other. You learn from that and you can work as efficiently as possible.”

At CST we are constantly looking for technical professionals. The demand for good installations continues to rise and CST is able to provide the products and maintenance.
Jeroen: ”There is a lot to learn at CST and the company continues to innovate. Many plans are also being made for the future. There is a lot of technical knowledge and experienced employees within CST. That makes it a challenging position, I hope to enjoy working here.”

”Do you also see yourself developing as a compressor mechanic? Come and visit us for a talk and a cup of coffee!”

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