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Filter cartidge P-41 with CO

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Brand: Bauer
Type: P-41-CO
Order number: 104-00148


Filter cartridge including CO membrane. Suitable for petrol and electric compressors with a P-41 or P-42 filter housing.

You might find a P-41 or P-42 filter housing on the following compressors:
Bauer Mariner-II-200-E, part number 101-00046
Bauer Mariner-II-200-B, part number 101-00149
Bauer Mariner-II-250-E, part number 101-00185
Bauer Mariner-II-250-B, part number 101-00224
Bauer Mariner-II-320-E, part number 101-00062
Bauer Mariner-II-320-B, part number 101-00269
Bauer PE-300-TE, part number 101-00285
Bauer PE-250-HE, part number 101-00359
Bauer PE-300-HE, part number 101-00286
Bauer MV-150, part number 101-00210
Bauer MV-200, part number 101-00167
Bauer MV-250, part number 101-00005
Bauer MV-320, part number 101-01079
Bauer PE-250-MVE, part number 101-01012
Bauer PE-300-MVE, part number 101-01013

Bauer PE-300-VE, artikelnummer 101-00482
Bauer PE-400-VE, artikelnummer 101-00490
Bauer PE-550-VE, artikelnummer 101-00246

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