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Oil screw 46

Oil screw 46
Type: Oil screw 46
Order number: 103-00005


This oil is very suitable for the lubrication of screw compressors because of the very good resistance to oxidation. During compression, a screw compressor has intensive contact between the oil and the moisture in the air due to the high compression temperatures. This allows the oil to oxidize quickly, causing deposits in the compressor and the air / oil separator.

Properties of this oil:
– Very good resistance to oxidation. This allows the filter life of the filter of the air / oil separator to be increased and the efficiency of the compressor remains high;
– The oil protects the compressor very well against wear by an extremely effective anti-wear additive. Partly because of this, a long service life of the machine components is guaranteed;
– this oil can be separated very well from the compressed air. This facilitates the post-treatment of the compressed air.

This oil is for sale per liter. The can may differ from the picture.

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