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CST specializes in high pressure and low pressure compressors and accessories for both breathing air and industrial applications.
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Safe Air test equipment

We offer fully equipped air test cases, monitors and accessories. With this air test equipment you as a firefighter or diver are assured of safe breathing air.

Because even if you use the compressor correctly and it is maintained according to professional requirements, the environmental conditions can cause the breathing air to become polluted with hazardous substances. Unfortunately, the consequences can be serious and endanger your health and even your life. Therefore, breathing air requires continuous monitoring.
The same applies to the correct use of sensors, test tubes and impactors.

  • Avoid accidents caused by excessive CO in compressed air cylinders
  • Prevent environmental pollution by reducing rising CO2 emissions
  • Prevent corrosion in the cylinder (caused by too high humidity of the compressed air)
  • Protect your own and other people’s health!

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