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Capitano 140 E

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Capitano 140 E


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Brand: Bauer
Type: BA-Capitano-II-140-PL-400-50-3,0-3-O
Pressure: 225 or 330 Bar
Capacity: 140 ltr/min.
E-motor: 400 Volt - 50 Hz - 3 kW - 3 phases
Order number: 101- 00153


A high pressure piston compressor contains a piston that moves back and forth in a cylinder. Ambient air enters the cylinder during the suction movement. As the piston compresses, this air will be compressed again and enter the next stage. This is repeated until the correct pressure is reached. High-pressure piston compressors are often used for filling breathing air and / or gas cylinders.

Piston compressors come in different types and different applications. A single cylinder reciprocating compressor will achieve low pressure and low volume, in addition there are also multi-stage reciprocating compressors that are well suited for high pressure and high capacity air production.

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